A Single Version of the Truth

Surprisingly in 2018 professional athletes, teams and leagues are still getting the runaround when it comes to contracts, trades and signing. Much of this has to do with the lack of continuity between parties throughout the negotiation process.

MarShon Brooks (8) and Dillon Brooks (24) were the centre of a botched NBA trade. (Source:  Yahoo Sports )

MarShon Brooks (8) and Dillon Brooks (24) were the centre of a botched NBA trade. (Source: Yahoo Sports)

In December 2018, a costly mistake was made in the NBA between the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies regarding the trade for the Suns’ Trevor Ariza. The trade fell through due to the confusion on whether it was Dillon Brooks or MarShon Brooks that would actually be traded.

Situations like these can be easily avoided with the implementation of a digital contract solution providing all stakeholders with a single version of the truth.

The Smart Athlete Manager - SAM solution uses a trusted platform to unify all parties by enabling them to look at the same version of the contract as athletes are signed and traded. Thus removing the risk of costly mistakes of incorrect information, like the athlete's name (MarShon vs. Dillon). These mistakes cost athletes career opportunities with their team of choice and team’s risk their success by not fielding their best team. Without the requirement to email and fax contracts, will eliminate redundancies in the back office as administrators work feverishly to meet trade deadlines.

Many deals - whether at the start of the season or in season trade - come down to the deadline which puts a great deal of stress on a team’s back office as the deadline approaches (Read more about 11th hour deals here). In the case of the Brooks’ trade, the club administrator(s) were likely under immense pressure and made a critical mistake. Not only do the team administrators have to make sure the trade gets validated within the time window, they also need to make sure all the other necessities - immigration, Social Insurance Number, health insurance, police clearance etc.. - are in order before the athlete can step on the field of play.

SAM allows the athlete to upload all their required documents to their secure profile before they even enter a negotiation. They can view their contract offer in real-time, and sign it digitally from their device. Once the athlete signs with the team, they can give the administrators immediate access to their profile and documents, and head directly to the locker room. This takes the stress away from the administrators and gets athletes seamlessly onto teams, with no need for redundant workflows.

A single trusted version of the truth, that the Smart Athlete Manager provides helps to eliminate inconsistencies in contract details, providing real-time digital signing and saves time for administrators.