Podcast: Gary Boddington & 2019 Trends in Sports Technology

Many exciting trends emerged in 2018 in the sports technology sector. Some have been on our radar for steadily growing, while others were finally launched into the mainstream.

We sat down with Sports Technology Group - STG’s Co-founder and CEO Gary Boddington to talk about these cutting edge tech trends, and how they may impact the industry in 2019.

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Gary was a pioneering member of Canada’s first publicly listed blockchain company. He has been around the sports and technology worlds for a long time and has now combined these  passions by forming STG.

In this episode of The Gauge Gary discusses immersive fan experiences, OTT streaming and media distribution, virtual reality for performance training, and governance around athlete data collection. We will also explore his thoughts on blockchain and it’s early effects on the sports sector.

We hope you enjoy our take on the emerging tech trends and how they will continue to evolve in 2019!

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