STG's Sports Technology Landscape


The sports industry is undergoing a major overhaul. Technology and consumer behaviour are changing how fans engage and how sports are consumed. Social media has been a catalyst for fan engagement. A new generation expects more from the platforms they engage with, for less money and in less time. Fantasy sports have allowed fans to sit in the driver's seat, and build their dream pro-team. eSports have even influenced a consumer need for more data. Stats, movement analytics, and on-screen live data feeds are commonplace in twitch gaming streams and fantasy sports - now fans crave this from traditional sports broadcasts.

Leagues, teams, sponsors and everyone in the sports industry have to think outside the box for recognition and fan attention. Innovative technology provides many options for teams and leagues to increase engagement, track data and more.

The sports technology space is constantly changing and evolving as new tech continues to emerge and best practices are perfected. STG has spent the past few months diving into the sports technology landscape and determining what companies exist in this space.

Many companies, established and startups, are finding their feet in this volatile landscape. The number of influencers around the world is bigger than you would expect. In our research, we have categorized companies into two major sections: Operations and Athlete Welfare. These categories cover everything from in-game activations for fans to wearable data collection.

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